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At UNIGLOBE Travel, we know how important it is to be fast, efficient, accurate and most of all, make your travel process as easy as possible. Whether you’re travelling on vacation or for business, we have many ways to make bookings with us. Online, by email or over the phone, we offer first-class service from experienced, friendly consultants who want to know you and your travel needs. We always offer options to suit your schedule and budget. Find your local UNIGLOBE agency

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Why use a travel agent? This is a question that comes up from time-to-time. It wasn’t that long ago that using a travel agent to book your trip was the only way to go. Today we find ourselves on the other side of the spectrum; with the endless options online, it has now become overwhelming to decipher all the choices, fees and rules. Your UNIGLOBE Travel Agent is here to assist and offer guidance and knowledge, while providing a personal touch. We stay current on up-and-coming destinations, great hotels and the ever changing airline rules and regulations. Read more...

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February 16, 2017

Sabre is to become the first technology provider to introduce live data feeds from Flight Global’s schedule data. At UNIGLOBE Travel our consultants use this Sabre platform and therefore this move will give us worldwide live access to flight changes and up-to-the-millisecond flight schedules. This ensures that we are always on top of the very latest information.

February 16, 2017

Starting February 2017, the Transportation Security Administration will "significantly reduce" access to its TSA Pre✓ expedited physical screening lanes. Only those customers who have paid for and enrolled in a Department of Homeland Security trusted traveller program, such as TSA Pre✓, will have the most frequent and consistent access to expedited screening lanes. ​

February 16, 2017

Effective January 26, 2017, Delta Air Lines will update two baggage policies for travel between the U.S., Canada or Mexico and Central America.